Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Clients, attorneys, and bar associations across the country have long recognized the importance of actual recent courtroom performance as the most reliable indicator of capability and excellence in counsel.

“More than any other factor, you will be best served by an attorney or firm that has courtroom experience litigating cases from beginning to end, including trying cases to juries.”


“Experience in the field is now crucial. Every field is now highly specialized.”

– Orange County Bar Association

For that reason, Medical Malpractice Lawyers developed the only third-party administered multi-stage attorney and expert rating system based on actual courtroom performance: The Top 1% Trial Counsel for Medical Malpractice.

Methodology Overview:

Medical Malpractice Lawyers selections for The Top 1% Trial Counsel for Medical Malpractice begins with rigorous third-party state by state research into all available medical malpractice litigation for the preceding 24 months. From the thousands of medical malpractice cases examined across the US, the specific performance of attorneys and expert witnesses participating in the litigation are analyzed. This analysis, along with peer review results, is then incorporated into a six point rating system, which provides an individualized score for all professionals. Those professionals scoring 95+ are then eligible for selection.

In states where there are significant numbers of attorneys or expert witnesses who qualify for the The Top 1% Trial Counsel for Medical Malpractice candidate pool, the final list of qualifying professionals is then restricted based on the rating they achieved on the six point rating system to fewer than 1% of that state’s active bar. While we concede that this 1% numerical limitation means that there are other talented professionals who are excluded from The Top 1% Trial Counsel for Medical Malpractice, we believe that such a limitation is necessary to confidently state that The Top 1% Trial Counsel for Medical Malpractice designated individuals are among the most elite litigators and experts for handling medical malpractice trial matters.

“Top 1% Trial Counsel” by State